Large Studio Works


A Collection of Larger Studio Pieces.

In working my larger pieces, I borrow techniques from the old masters, the impressionists and contemporary artists.

I spend a good deal of time on the preparations and intent for each piece. The execution is carried out in a mindful way, with easy music surrounding me.

Please contact me to purchase any of these larger pieces.


Small Art


A Collection of Small Art Pieces.

This section will give you a sample of pieces that I offer for sale on the Etsy online shopping site. Many of the pieces were done en plein air, in a quick and fresh approach that I would call contemporary impressionism.

If you like what you see on here, you can contact me to view or purchase, or visit my online Etsy shop, DebGriseArt 





A Collection of Other Artsy Things.

Welcome to my little art sideline.

 I can now adapt my  artwork  for  printing on fabric. It helps that I like to sew, so I have created a line of products that feature my artwork. Here is a sample collection those Other Artsy Things.

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