DAG Raggs

Wearable Art  &  Accessories For You and Your Home

Always looking for new ways to present my art, I found a company in Montreal that will print my artwork on silk and other fine fabrics. They also assist in the manufacturing of some of the items, such as leggings and dresses.

The fabric in the photo (left) has already been made in to scarves and tunic blouses. I also make cases for eyeglasses and sunglasses and wall hangings.

I addition to working with my art prints, I have embarked on a re-purpose, recycle, recreate project. I work with denim, donated fabrics, bits and pieces, to create bags, pillows, accessories, etc. Most pieces are One-of-a-kind and made by me in my sewing studio.

Below is a sample of what you will find in my shop, DAG Raggs.

Great Mullein CharcoalOnPink